Wedding Registries

Getting married?
Start your life together with a set of simple, elegant dishes from Laura Cooke Ceramics. In addition to infusing your home with style, the modern yet classic designs will set apart your dinner parties for years to come — and make daily mealtimes with your sweetie even more special.

Once you register with Laura Cooke Ceramics, we will build you a section in our online shop and work directly with guests to coordinate their gift giving. It's a quick and easy process that frees you up to focus on other things. 

Contact us to get started.

Giving a gift? 
Forget fondue pots and cake stands — give the couple a gift they'll actually use, and on a daily basis. With Laura Cooke Ceramics, your gift will be an integral part of the couple's daily life, set out at breakfast and lunch, for romantic dinners and gatherings with friends (maybe even you!).

To get started, select and purchase your gift on the Wedding Registry section of the Laura Cooke Ceramics online shop, then compose a personal message for the bride and groom. We'll mail your purchase directly to the couple (don't worry, we're experts with packing pellets and bubble wrap!).

See our currently registered couples here and contact us with any questions.